Moussa Diallo Trio (Dānija)

Moussa Diallo Trio mūzikā saplūst rietumu un afrikāņu mūzikas dvēsele. Tā ietver rock, funk, soul un tradicionālās Āfrikas mūzikas neapstrādāto enerģiju, kuru vada viens no Dānijas ietekmīgākajiem basģitāras spēlētājiem, komponists, bērnu mūziklu autors – Moussa Diallo.

Moussa Diallo Trio uzstājas visā Eiropā ar mūziku, kas skaidri norāda uz Diallo afrikāņu mantojumu. Moussa Diallo formējumi izmanto arī Āfrikas un Eiropas akustiskos instrumentus, grupa muzikāli atspoguļo kosmopolītisko mūsdienu realitāti un izaicinājumu mūzikas kultūras tradīcijās, tādējādi radot jaunas skaņu kompozīcijas. Pasaules klases mūziķis labprāt brauc tūrēs pa Eiropas un Āfrikas valstīm, ir uzstājies Indijā, Indonēzijā un citur.

Moussa Diallo spēlē basģitāru un dzied, ar viņu kopā būs leģendārais ilgtermiņa mūzikas partneris – ģitārists Mikkel Nordsø. Pats Moussa par Mikkel saka: „ameizing guitarplayer” un kā trešais Latvijas/Madonas  tūrē muzicēs bundzinieks un perkusionists Klaus Menzer. Šo trio varēsim baudīt pateicoties Dānijas Kultūras institūta atbalstam.

Short Press: Diallo/Nordsø/Menzer

Imagine the raw energy of rock, funk and traditional African music combined in one band with a funky bass, fierce drums and the enticing sound of a rock and jazz guitarist.
This trio expresses the very soul of the fusion between western and African music. Impelling rhythms and musical poetry are the characteristics of this trio, a crossover act led by one of Denmark’s most influential bass players, Moussa Diallo, guitarist Mikkel Nordsø and drummer Klaus Menzer. These diverse constellations musically reflect the cosmopolitan reality of today and challenge cultural traditions in music by creating a significant new sound.
Line up:
Moussa Diallo – bass, lead vocal
Mikkel Nordsø –  guitar

Klaus Menzer – drums

Moussa Diallo

Bass Player, Singer, Composer, Storyteller. Born February 17th 1955 in Paris, France.
Brought up in Bamako, Mali and currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark
In 1974, when fusion between western and traditional African music was still just a wish to be fulfilled, a young man from Mali found himself in Copenhagen with an electric bass. Moussa Diallo had left his native country to seek out possibilities in the far north. On his arrival in Denmark this young bass player immediately captured the attention of the established Danish rock scene with his fierce, grooving and always convincing approach to his instrument. Throughout the 1970s and the 1980s Moussa Diallo set fire to prominent Danish rock/fusion bands like Sneakers, Skunk Funk, Savage Rose and many others and he was the leading rhythmical force when famed singer Anne Linnet formed her revolutionary band Marquis de Sade in 1983. Moussa Diallo has also been an indispensable member of renowned Danish singer/composer Hanne Boel’s group on stage as well as in the studio from 1992 to 2006. During recent years Moussa Diallo has concentrated more on performing and recording his own compositions. He has brought together some of the very best West African artists currently living in Denmark with some of the country’s top musicians forming ‘The Kékéliba Project’. This diverse constellation musically reflects the cosmopolitan reality of today and challenges cultural traditions in music by creating a significant new sound.

Mikkel Nordsø
Mikkel Nordsoe born 1955. Autodidact allmost! At the age of 11, he studied flamenco guitar at Christian Sievert. 15 years old, he became a member of Palle Mikkelborgs project V8, and the pioneer latin/funk group Buki-yamaz. As an instrumental front person in Sneakers and Anima (1980-85) he added rockguitar playing, new dimensions in DK. Starting Mikkel Nordsø Band in 1985 he created a platform for composing, which can be heard on MNB’s 7 albums. On the 3 albums with Acoustic Guitars, 2 albums with Bombay Hotel and 1 album with Timewave he contributes as a composer, as well as developing his skills on the acoustic guitar. Mikkel Nordsoe has recorded/performed with an endless number of renowned artist in DK and abroad, has toured in Scandinavia, Europe, Greenland, Faro islands, USA, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, Marokko, South Africa, Ghana, Mali , South Korea, India and Thailand.

Klaus Menzer
Klaus Menzer has been one of the most respected drummers on the danish scene since the early 80’, performing with top danish bands like Sneakers, Hanne Boel, Savage Rose, Sebastian and many more. He is still today  a drummer who is in great demand both in the studio and live and has played on more the th 1000 recordings. Klaus is an a musician that knows how to keep a groove and make any music swing without overplaying.


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